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Jellybeans :)


Jellybeans :)


Don’t be so cautious that you miss truly living.

"I’m in love with the possibility of changing the world.
They tell me I’m crazy.
They don’t know my God."

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Because you have defined where I stand too well.

"Life’s under no obligation to give us what we expect."

— Margaret Mitchell (via kari-shma)

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Yea :)

Yea :)

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from a Greek epitaph
(translated by Christopher Morley)

I who loved Beauty was not beautiful;
I cherished Truth and yet I was not true;
I who remembered am so soon forgotten,
But I loved you.

I who loved Mirth was well acquaint with sorrow;
I honored Freedom, yet I was not free;
But once, indeed, I knew the just equation,
For you loved me.

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